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This is the best dentist experience I have ever had! They take such good care of you and really take the dread out of getting your teeth cleaned. During my cleaning they did a paraffin wax treatment on my hands, sat me in a massage chair, gave me a lavender neck wrap and headphones. Beyond the relaxation, Jenae is SUPER gentle and thorough with her cleaning. I would never go to another dentist because I know they are the best.


I can not believe that I waited so long! My new smile is the best investment in my self that I have ever made! I can't stop smiling!


Every experience I have had in the dentists chair had been miserable until I met Dr. Kerbs over 17 years ago. He has been my dentist since then and the work he has done on my teeth has been of the highest quality. He is the most compassionate dentist I have ever met. He understands the fear and pain that can accompany dental work, and works to put you at ease, providing a stress free experience. His office is run professionally, and I am always treated in a dignified and respected manner. I can't recommend him enough.

~Rebecca Rhoads Director, Training Development and Delivery

Thank you for the years of excellent dental care! I sincerely appreciate the kindness shown by everyone in the office. It is a delight to be in your office, and how often can that be said about a dental office? Dr. Kerbs, I especially want to say thank you to you. You astound me with your patience, knowledge, and painless touch. Thank you very much for the care you have given all of us!

~Lisa Marino and family

Before finding Dr. Kerbs, I constantly felt ill. I could not live a normal life. I found myself becoming sick after workouts and eating certain foods. I never associated that my feeling ill could be related to the health of my mouth. I had my mouth worked on by another dentist prior to Dr. Kerbs. This other dentist placed crowns on most of my teeth. After this I still continued to have high blood pressure and headaches. My gums continued to be swollen and bleed. My teeth were not meeting correctly and I couldn't chew my food. I had testing done and my mouth came back as continuing to be unhealthy. I found Dr. Kerbs, searching for a holistic dentist. When I first saw Dr. Kerbs, he did a thorough exam of my teeth, my gums, and my bite. As he did this, he showed me and explained to me what was going on in my mouth. I could see that my gums were purple and bleeding and I could feel that my bite was off. My edges of the crowns that had been recently done were buried under the gums and were irritating my gums causing them to be constantly inflamed. This, along with my bite that was not meeting well was affecting my health. Dr. Kerbs changed everything; he replaced my crowns with all porcelain crowns that had edges that were not under my gums. He lengthened my teeth, before my teeth were squatty and short and you could not see them when I smiled, now you can! He used materials that are safe and he made it so that my bite fit perfectly. Now, I can chew my food and my mouth feels great! My gums are now light pink and do not bleed. My blood pressure is now normal, I no longer feel sick after working out or eating. I no longer get headaches or have any of the health issues that I had before. I am thrilled with the way that my teeth look and even more thrilled about the way that they work. My girlfriend loves them, she is jealous!! I am so grateful that I found Dr. Kerbs and that my mouth and my health are better. Thank you Dr. Kerbs!

~ Dale Templeton

Dr. Kerbs is the best dentist in the world. I did not go to a dentist for over twelve years because of such horrible manners that most of them had. Dr Kerbs and his team finally made me feel like I was important enough. They are the best. If you want to feel safe and secure, this is the place to go.

~Carrie Tucker

Recently I had the good fortune to find Dr. Kerbs dental office. I have had a laser gum procedure as well as deep cleaning and routine cleaning. These procedures by Jenae are the best I have had in over ten years of dental work in other dental offices. Jenae is professional, gentle, considerate and very thorough. No longer do I dread going to the dentist and no longer am I stressed dreading discomfort while in the chair.

Not once have I felt uncomfortable during any procedure and have walked out of the dental office feeling satisfied with the experience. My teeth and gums are the healthiest they have ever been. I am very pleased. Thank you all.

~Dorothy Miller

I do so enjoy being cared for at the dental office of Dr. Kerbs. Jenae, in particular, is my dental hygienist and I feel so relaxed and safe as she explains things as she goes along with my cleaning. She teaches me how to take the best care of my teeth on my own too, so that I can stay healthy in between my visits. Of course, the massaging chair and lavender neck wrap tops off my special visit to the dentist. Thanks for everything!

~Marilyn J. Malkiewicz

I am so thankful for the woman who gave me Dr. Kerbs business card at the nail salon. I had been putting off finding a dentist to help me with my existing porcelain veneers when I overheard a conversation about the fantastic service Dr. Kerbs provides his patients. I called the number that day and made an appointment for the following week. After getting to know Dr. Kerbs and his friendly staff at the initial consultation I was confident he was going to be able to help me. I could not have asked for a better experience. Dr. Kerbs is not only a well trained dentist, but an artist in the field of cosmetic dentistry. I felt like I was his only patient because of the amount of time he dedicated to making sure my smile was perfect. I really appreciate the kind, welcoming, professional experience Dr. Kerbs and his staff provided me. I have and will continue to refer everyone I know to Dr. Kerbs with the same enthusiasm as the woman who referred me to him at the nail salon. I love my new SMILE!

~Sincerely, Bridget Hotchkiss

I can't believe how confident my new smile makes me feel! After years of bad teeth and being self-conscious about my smile, I'm proud to finally show off my beautiful teeth! They make me feel pretty. And I can't believe the compliments I've received. It makes me realize people really notice teeth. The Kerbs family really made me feel like I was one of their own! I appreciate Dr. Kerbs perfectionism and dedication to giving me exactly what I wanted. They were well worth the wait!!

~Sarah Propis

My husband Jeff & I were patients of Dr. Kerbs while we lived in San Diego, unfortunately we moved out of state for my husband's job. My husband and I both had comprehensive cosmetic dental work with Dr. Kerbs with outstanding results. We both get compliments all the time on our beautiful smiles and what a feeling that is for a person. Since moving it has been difficult to find a dentist and office staff that treat you as part of their family. It is a rare occasion to find a doctor or dentist these days that demand perfection and Dr. Kerbs is one of those people that truly treat each and every patient as an individual. I used to tell Dr. Kerbs and his wonderful staff that they were the Nordstrom in dental care. I miss going to this practice and if my husband and I should get a chance to move back I will be on the phone to schedule my appointment.

Thank you for all of the years of wonderful dental care.

~Gwendolyn Cline, R.N. CCRN

Jenae was the first dental hygienist to clean my teeth in many years, so there was a lot of buildup to clean off. I was apprehensive and super sensitive, and did not want to feel any pain. Jenae was kind, gentle and considerate. Her calm nature and caring attitude helped me relax. Jenae created a safe environment of comfort. I really appreciated Jenae's patience in listening to and answering all of my questions. I also really appreciated her telling me what she was planning to do before she did it, as it helped me know what to expect, and therefore stay calm. Jenae would check with me frequently to make sure I was okay throughout each procedure. Therefore, I was able to trust that she would hear me if I said that I could feel something. Overall, Jenae succeeded in transforming a challenging situation into a positive, healing experience. I am very grateful to Jenae for everything that she did for me.

~Iris Joy Ocean, Joyful Jewelry, Jewelry Designer

I can't thank Dr. Kerbs enough for his fantastic work on my teeth! I was nervous at first because I had so much work to be done. Now, I have a beautiful smile! Thank you Dr. Kerbs! Go for it! You will love your new beautiful smile!