Safe Mercury Removal

We have been a mercury free practice since 1989. Chances are, your first cavity was filled with a dark-silver amalgam. You might have multiple fillings, and you might wish you could change them for something less conspicuous. Now could be your time.

There are several drawbacks to having amalgam or silver fillings:

  • Placement of amalgam restorations is inherently non-conservative, requiring more tooth structure removal than is necessary. When more tooth structure is removed, it leaves the remaining tooth structure weak, sometimes resulting in the remaining tooth to crack or break off around the silver filling. Replacing a silver filling with a tooth-colored filling can restore up to 90% of the tooth's original strength. This is because tooth-colored fillings are bonded or fused to the tooth.
  • Silver fillings are not bonded or fused to the tooth, leaving a gap between the tooth and filling, allowing the opportunity for bacteria to enter and grow under the filling. Often, upon removal of silver fillings, decay/soft tooth is found.
  • It's a fact that amalgam corrodes or rusts over time. Due to the corrosion process, the amalgam expands causing internal stresses and encourages cracking of already weakened tooth structure. With natural wear, these restorations can deteriorate to the point where bacteria can seep under the filling, allowing decay to grab hold of healthy tooth material.
  • Silver fillings oxidize turning black and permanently discoloring the tooth over time. The silver oxide can tattoo the adjacent gum tissue, commonly called an amalgam tattoo.
  • 50% of a silver filling is mercury, a known heavy metal toxin. The remainder is composed of silver and other non-precious metals that corrode and break down over the life of the filling.
  • Mercury is toxic. OSHA and California Law require that offices using mercury post that they have toxic materials used in the office and must store the toxic materials in a biohazard container.
  • Mercury is a poison that in large doses can cause brain damage, kidney malfunction, memory loss, and depression. We now know that low levels of mercury vapor in amalgam fillings are released over time. What we don't know is the cumulative effect of low doses on your body over a long period of time.

For safe removal of mercury fillings we take the utmost precautions using the following:

  • Rubber Dam Isolation (to isolate the area of treatment from the oral environment)
  • High Speed Evacuation
  • Oxygen Nasal Mask
  • Room Air Filtration
  • Distilled water for irrigation and cooling

Dr. Kerbs has stayed current, through hundreds of hours of continuing education, on proper replacement of amalgam with the latest materials and proper techniques.

Tooth colored composite fillings offer many benefits other than the absence of mercury:

  • They are natural looking, and never discolor neighboring teeth or tissues.
  • Their strength and durability has greatly improved in recent years.
  • Composite fillings are bonded to the tooth and up to 90% of the original tooth strength is re-established.
  • Tooth-colored composite fillings are safe and do not contain any harmful ingredients.
  • Well placed tooth-colored fillings look and feel like natural tooth


Our safe mercury removal patients come to us from Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, San Marcos, Encinitas and Escondido.



**the above conversion from silver to tooth-colored fillings was performed by Dr. Kerbs**

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