Natural Looking Smiles

Natural Dentistry

Dr. Kerbs believes that his dentistry should not only provide optimal function, it should also restore a smile to its optimal beauty. As he prepares to restore your smile, he is designing a smile specifically for you, keeping in mind your facial structure and dimensions so that your new smile naturally fits and complements your face.

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Creating a smile that that looks completely natural and is healthy is truly an art and it is something that we do weekly. Dr. Kerbs uses the best dental lab available (accredited with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry). We use the highest grade bio-compatable dental materials and shape all of our restorations in a way that mimics nature so that the gum tissue and bone accepts them just as they would natural teeth.

When completing a smile makeover, Dr. Kerbs personally measures your smile and face and takes specific photographs that allow him to see the smile from all angles. Then, on models of your teeth, he creates a wax sculpture of a new beautiful smile that will complement you. We, Dr. Kerbs' Team, see this as an art form and see Dr. Kerbs as an artist. Dr. Kerbs is personally designing each restoration. Whether it is porcelain veneers, porcelaincrowns, or bonding, Dr. Kerbs is designing the restoration with function, beauty, and health in mind.

From the sculpted wax model of your new smile, Dr. Kerbs fashions custom temporary restorations so that you are able to see what your smile will look like before the permanent restorations are created. This way, you are able to approve exactly how your smile will look before the placement of your permanent restorations. Once we have the perfect smile, we will have the restorations custom made by an exclusive team of master ceramists who specialize in ceramic artistry. Dr. Kerbs is a perfectionist, and takes every step to make sure your perfect end result is achieved.

Your smile is a work of art, and your restorations should be nothing less. Each smile makeover provided in our office is handled with the utmost care and is individually designed by Dr. Kerbs so that the end result is perfect.

Our smile makeover patients come to us from San Diego, San Marcos, Encinitas, Escondido and Rancho Benardo.